Be excited very excited, the mysterious caped KANKUN® LUCHADOR and his wrestlers pals will be at Mexican Independence Party bringing the authentic taste of Mexico with his  sauces.

Do you know what is the story behind KANKUN® SAUCE MEXICAN WRESTLER MASK?

Rolando Cardenas, the alchemist of KANKUN® sauce, has encapsulated in a bottle two of his more special childhood memories: the secret family formula cooked at  the heart of his family gatherings and  his passion for the vibrant and extravagant Mexican wrestling.

KANKUN RolandoFor Rolando his real-life wrestling superheroes are El Santo, Blue Demon and El Rey Misterio. He recalls the endless games sessions with his brothers pretending to be their hero wrestlers, putting on their capes, sewing out of shiny old dresses and their glimmering masks. But before they started wrapping their feet around each others’ necks they would tiptoe into the kitchen and find their grandma’s freshly made chilli chipotle sauce in a glass jar and they will pretend to get extra powers for their wrestling battles.

Inspired on his memories Rolando has given to each of his sauces a distinctive mask personality and real kick. What colour is your favourite?

CincoBotellasBUY YOUR TICKET NOW to attend the Hottest Mexican Celebration in London and LIBERATE YOUR LUCHADOR with KANKUN® Sauce!

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