La Reina de las Tortillas was born 10 years ago. We’re a family from Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco that gradually came to Madrid. Once we reunited the entire family in Spain, the only thing missing was the food … We were able to find all we needed except for the nixtamal tortilla, 100% corn.

Doña Delfina managed to make tortillas at home. On the dining table, with a traditional griddle, she made the first tortillas following the original recipe. Word of mouth spread and in only a few months a couple of restaurants were interested in them.


A year later, with 6 or 7 happy customers, we got us a special machine, one of those you can find in every corner of Mexico, which makes that unique noise: a 100% nixtamal, 100% corn machine, and we settled in 4, Santa Matilde St., near Cuatro Caminos.

After years of an intense work and a recent important extension of our factory, La Reina supplies 90% of the Mexican restaurants in Spain and most of the specialized stores. With hundreds of clients all over the continent we daily export our fresh tortillas to restaurants and retail stores in UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Sweeden and Switzerland

We are today a consolidated company with a sustained growth and a production capacity of more than 40 tons per month. La Reina de las Tortillas has been always led by an attitude of constant innovation and a strict observation of the European Community sanitary regulations.

But the most important, we achieve this respecting, at all times, the traditional nixtamal recipe that has placed La Reina de las Tortillas as the sector leader when it comes to “real tortillas”.

Then we came up with some more ideas……..


What products are you offering to the Mexican community in London?

The company produces and distributes fresh 100% nixtamal tortillas in the following formats:

100% nixtamal corn tortilla 500gr/1.1 pounds

• Package with approx. 32 tortillas (11cms)

• Package with approx.  24 tortillas (13cms)

• Package with approx.  18 tortillas (15cms)

These are prepared  in a vacuum special package with 3 months of shelf life. In the next weeks we will start offering our famous tamales in a wide rang of flavours


What sort of future projects do you have for your company?

La Reina  has always put quality on top of the priority list, and that attitude has set the growing conditions of the company for almost ten years now. We wanted to be the local favourite tortillas in Spain, now we are focused on bringing our products to every corner in Europe.

We are also preparing the launch of other corn derivative products as: the typical tamales, sopes, huaraches, and many more…..


What do you enjoy most about celebrating Independence Day?

On Independence we enjoy attending most of the events where we are invited, celebrating for two or three continuous days. We usually prepare special products for the ocassion and events at social networks. Last year we organized a fantastic raffle inviting people to send us a picture of the way they celebrate this day.  It was great, we received pictures from all over Europe !

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