Talented young musicians who execute música jarocha (traditional music from the State of Veracruz) with a contemporary touch, bringing it closer to the new generations in a modern re-reading of tradition, created by heirs of the appreciation of these traditions in order to preserve and disseminate the Son Jarocho as a cultural manifestation of the identity of Veracruz.

The music and dance from Veracruz are presented in a popular and aesthetic show, which allows RECOVECO to transform its concept by proposing new ideas as well as new musical and visual arrangements.

They have performed along artists such as Rubén Bladez, Fito Páez, Zoe, La Sonora Santanera and Alberto Barros, on many different stages in Mexico, United States, Japan, Germany, Bolivia, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and China.

RECOVECO is presenting its new material in 2015.

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