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Meet our sponsors: Mamá Reyna Ltd

Born in Mexico City, Reyna graduated as a Food Engineer to later obtain her MSc and PhD qualifications from Nottingham University. After more than 25 years in the UK, Reyna left research and academia to start her own artisan chilli sauces and Mexican food business in 2014. People are not only eating Mexican food more often but now they are cooking it at home!

What motivated you to open your own business?

Bringing the traditional flavours of Mexico to the tables of Mexicans in the UK and the British palate is paramount to Mamá Reyna Ltd. Mamá Reyna’s food products are manufactured in the heart of Britain by Mexicans keeping the true traditions and flavours that indulge palates all over the world using quality natural ingredients acquired locally when possible, with no artificial preservatives; all this whilst respecting the environment. Mama Reyna is also working towards a Halal and gluten free production area, to embrace further sectors of the British community.

What services are you offering to the Mexican community in London?

Our chilli products are meant not only to complement and garnish everyday meals but also to make a meal by themselves.  They include:

  • Salsa Verde –  Our star product! A spicy-tangy tomatillo and green chilli sauce which can be used either to add a tasty kick to your normal meal or as a marinade for your favourite meat or vegetables.
  • Mole Poblano – Food of royalty! An exciting sauce the result of mixing chillies, spices, nuts and chocolate! Served always at special occasions.
  • Salsa Chipotle – A smoky and spicy sauce ideal in sandwiches and wraps or with meatballs.
  • Salsa Guajillo – A tasty red chilli sauce with guajillo chillies, spices and tomatoes.  Wonderful for red chicken, cheese or beans enchiladas.
  • Salsa Pasilla – Dark in colour and a smoky flavour, this mix of black and Oaxaca Pasilla chilli sauce will bring a new perspective to your meal.
  • Jalapeño Pickles – The spicy one!! The perfect complement for tacos, burgers and wraps! A mix of wedged Jalapeño peppers, mushrooms, carrots and cauliflower in brine.

Other Mamá Reyna specialities include ‘antojitos’ or ‘little cravings’. Traditional artisan street food such as the well-known corn tortillas for tacos, refried beans and the indulgent buñuelos (a gluten-free, thin and crispy wafer-like pastry dusted with delicious cinnamon sugar). We are also introducing sopes to the British public, a thicker corn tortilla the size of your palm, lightly fried and topped with mashed beans, cream, cheese and your favourite Mamá Reyna chilli sauce. You can always add extra toppings!

What sort of future projects do you have for your company?

Be sure to keep an eye out because Mamá Reyna is also reaching into the future by developing novel chilli sauces, more ‘antojitos’ and other traditional Mexican products such as sweet and savoury tamales.  We deliver to every corner of the UK. Get in touch and get eating Mexican!

What do you enjoy most about celebrating Independence Day?

Independence Day festivities cannot get any closer to Mexican hearts, and even though we do not really need an excuse to get together, this is the perfect occasion to celebrate and be proud of our Mexican heritage, share our delicious dishes and traditions, meet old friends and get to know the new members of the Mexican community as welcome them into the UK. And so here it goes from my heart: VIVA MEXICO !!

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