Katya’s passion for Mexican food has infused every part of her life and dynamic entrepreneurial career, leading her to take ownership of Mexgrocer.co.uk in 2009. Her mission is to share her passion for her Mexican heritage and food, inspiring families, foodies, restaurateurs and chefs across Europe to embrace and celebrate the culture and cuisine of Mexico every day. Katya is a hands-on CEO, overseeing all aspects of the company from dealing with suppliers around the world, to pricing, customer engagement and franchising. Katya is constantly looking to innovate the Mexgrocer customer experience, through the sourcing of new and inspiring products.


What motivated you to open your own business?

Mexgrocer was born with the aim to supply authentic Mexican ingredients and products that are generally not available in the UK or European supermarkets through its website Mexgrocer.co.uk and direct to retailers through its own distribution and food service business.


What specific services offered to the Mexican community in London?

Mexgrocer.co.uk offers online shopping and delivery of Mexican products to members of the Mexican community in London and all over the UK & Europe. Mexgrocer also supplies hard to find ingredients to Mexican restaurants and we participate in promoting Mexican brands at various events for the community like Tequila & Mezcal Fe


What future projects do you have for your company?

The future project is continuing with the opening of Mexgrocer franchises throughout Europe.


What do you enjoy most about celebrating Independence Day ?

What I enjoy most is seeing the union of the Mexican community to celebrate our traditions with both pleasure and pride for our country. And of course, we get to sample all the great food and drinks from the motherland that are on offer during this special celebration!

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