We aim to inspire, empower and help facilitate highly qualified professionals contribute to the positioning and development of Mexico from abroad by fostering knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship and a stronger community. We have more than 600 highly skilled members and work closely with the Foreign Affairs Office, the Institute of the Mexicans Abroad and the Mexican Embassy in the UK. We are part of the global network.

What motivated you to open your own business?

We wanted to give back to Mexico from abroad and we wanted to position the professional contributions that we all make to the industries where we work.

What services are you offering to the Mexican community in London?

Strengthening the position and competitiveness of SME’s and entrepreneurs in Mexico and in the UK.

Facilitating and contributing to improve the competitiveness, productivity of Mexican organisations through their access and better use of knowledge, innovation, technology and skills available within the MTN-UK base.

Contributing to the empowerment of the Mexican Community in the UK and strengthening the position of the  “Mexican Brand”.

What do you enjoy most about celebrating Independence Day?

The opportunity to get to know more professionals, know their inspiring stories and share our culture and traditions. Independence day is the day of the year where deeply in my heart I remember my origins.

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